About Pilates

Equitness is based on and inspired by Pilates - why Pilates? Named after its original early-20th-century creator Joseph Pilates, Pilates a system of physical fitness, best understood as the art of controlled movements.

When practiced consistently, Pilates is an amazing body conditioning programme that develops strength and tones the body. It encourages the body to move with grace and natural elegance, challenges the muscles, develops balance and improves stability.

Pilates benefits

Better posture, coordination & stamina - relieves muscle tension & corrects imbalances
Toned, tighter body with a firmer, flatter stomach - a long, lean look
Greater flexibility, core strength, and bone density - preventing injuries
Improves athletic performance  & helps with getting back to normal after injuries
Better breathing & blood circulation - more energy

Pilates is based on several basic principles



The aim is to be able to focus on each movement, with one movement flowing into the next, bringing mind and body together.



Pilates exercises are coordinated with breathing to aid control. We breathe wide and deep into the sides of the ribcage. This is called "lateral thoracic breathing”.



The energy of Pilates comes from the strong centre - your core, your powerhouse. Exercise is controlled by the contraction of the deep abdominal muscles.



Precise execution of each movement and correct alignment is the key to the effectiveness of Pilates.


Flowing movement

Slow, flowing, graceful, controlled movement synchronised with breathing is essential in Pilates.



Every Pilates move is executed with careful control, being aware of what each part of the body is doing,


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