How it works?

Equitness Community is your opportunity to become part of a special space, where members find resources, support and can learn, teach, and share experiences.

The basic access to the selection of sample videos and all articles is free and will always remain free.

If you decide to support the community and help us run the website, even with as little as $1 per month, you will get access to a wealth of Equitness Community Benefits

Member account

Member account with your personal, custom profile page. You will be able to like and comment on videos and articles, exchange tips and experiences and personally communicate and connect with other members around the world.

Unlimited access

Unlimited access to all videos. We started with more than 100 different videos and new ones are added every week.

Monthly challenges

Take part in monthly challenges - every month we will set up new challenges, as a Member you will be able to join, encourage each other, comment, share experience, choose topics for next months’ challenges and win some prizes!

Search videos

Search for videos and articles using specific search terms - for example ‘“back pain”, “pilates for horse riders”, “office exercises”

Custom playlist

Make your own custom playlists of training videos, keep them private or share with other members of Equitness Community.

Training plans

Access training plans created by Agi to target specific areas or help with particular issues, for example "weak glutes”, “stiff back” etc.

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