Zayna Gold- interview

Welcome to our new series. The Space dedicated to the most distinguished Pilates Teachers in the industry. In this section we will introduce to you Fascinating “Pilates People”. I am very honoured to interview our second guest Zayna Gold.

by Agi @equitness

Zayna Gold is a Master Instructor for Balanced Body Education.  She is Founder of Boston Body Pilates (established 1989) with six locations in the Greater Boston area.  She is creator of Balanced Body Barre and Zayna Gold Online - an online studio featuring mentoring and education videos.  She is a frequent contributor to Pilates Style Magazine; Pilates TV and various other publications.  She lives with her husband Clark; two dogs and two cats in Boston.  She has two grown sons and a grandson.

First of all, I would like to thank you for being my guest!
Thank you for inviting me Agi. You are such an inspiration to our community and I’m excited to be a part of your online community.

How did you start your Pilate journey?
When I was a teenager, I was already a Pilates nerd.   I read everything I could about dance; movement and anatomy .  I discovered Isadora Duncan, Joseph Pilates and many more who were brilliant visionaries of their times.  Joseph Pilates work resonated deeply and I began to practice his Mat exercises every day.  When friends would see me going through my flow (on the beach; before dance class) they would ask me to show them so I began to teach Pilates before I had any idea what I was doing.  Some of my “first students” still practice their little Mat flow to this day.    After college I studied with a mentor for several years and that was just the beginning of my official Pilates journey.

You are a huge an inspiration for our Pilates community! But who is/was your biggest inspiration?
Of course Joseph Pilates was my first inspiration. Bob Liekens taught me the classical work. His tactile and verbal cues became a strong foundation for my teaching. Nora St. John – founder of Balanced Body Education inspired me to take the classical Pilates foundation and evolve it for the modern world. She has inspired a Pilates evolution based on current anatomical science.  This helps me evolve my traditional discipline to work well in this modern world. Training the next generation of Pilates instructors is my ongoing inspiration.  I’m fortunate enough to teach several courses a month for Balanced Body Education.  I also work with private mentoring clients from all over the world.  These beautiful Pilates lovers teach me as much as I teach them.  And they keep me on my toes!

As a master teacher, an owner of 6 studios in Boston and online studio holder can you share with us, what is the secret of running a successful business?
There are three most important things to remember:  work, work and more work.   I opened Boston Body Pilates 30 years ago and throughout the last 3 decades it is clear to me that hard work, consistency and good business practices will make anyone successful. Several years ago, my husband Clark and I decided to expand our Boston Body Pilates brand.  We now have a team of our most trusted instructors who own/operate four of our studios. My husband Clark and I  own two of our studios – and run our teacher training and mentoring programs as well as our online studio.

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment?
I absolutely love every piece of apparatus for different reasons and different days.  I get bored easily so creating moves on various pieces of apparatus is my hobby. Every week I teach private teacher training and mentoring on each piece of apparatus so I always feel like I’m seeing the repertoire for the first time as I teach each unique instructor.  This keeps my passion for the method alive and fresh.

If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give younger self?
Two words of advice for my younger self:  Posterior Chain!! So much damage is caused by the flexion bias in some traditional Pilates programs. As we age our bodies tend to flex more and it is essential that we begin to build balanced muscular strength in each plane of our body through extension as much as flexion.  This is what keeps our spines supple, youthful and strong.

Could you imagine your life without Pilates?
LOL often I feel my life IS Pilates.  It is part of my daily life – mind, body and spirit.  #pilateseverydamnday

What is the most valuable thing you learned about Pilates community?
When I discovered the IG Pilates community I found my Pilates soul mates. We have shared knowledge; challenges and the joy of movement together.  This has become a vital part of my growth.

Any new, exciting projects have you got that you would like to share with us?
Our 3rd Annual “it’s a Pilates Party” this November in the beautiful desert of Carefree, Arizona.  Please come join me and @anulamaiberg; @nancycastiglioni; @ksjbodycontrol; @jillharrispilates; and @thichapilates. Come alone or with a friend/family member. You will feel inspired, motivated and your practice will never be the same!

I just need you to say, you look incredible! What is your approach to beauty?
Thank you so much Agi.  I drink lots of water; keep sun off of my face; use drug store skin care products.  And let’s keep it real – regular botox!If you could treat yourself, what would it be?I love vacations – beaches; pools; spas.  With the people I love.

What is a one message you would like to give to your followers?
Thank you for always supporting me with kindness and love.  I can’t wait to keep growing and learning together as a community.