What is the Powerhouse?

In Pilates, you will often hear the word Powerhouse.  “Use your Powerhouse”.  “Work from your Powerhouse”.  But what does that really mean?  Contrary to what many people may think, your Powerhouse is NOT your Core.  Or shall I say it is not ONLY your Core.

by Carrie Russo @russopilates

Your “core”, aka stomach, is a part of your Powerhouse, but only part of it.  That is why in Classical Pilates you will not hear us use the word Core very often.


Because your Powerhouse is so much more than your stomach.  Your Powerhouse is the center of your body which has a front and back by natural design.  You cannot use your stomach without engaging your back.  Therefore, your back is also part of your Powerhouse.

What else?

Your bottom aka glutes are also part of your Powerhouse.  As I said a moment ago, there is a front and back to everything.  So what is the front of your glutes? Your pelvis and inner thighs.

So therefore your Powerhouse is: your stomach, back, bottom and top of your inner thighs.  It is an entire band that wraps around the body.  We move from our Powerhouse when doing any movement, which gives us strength, stretch and control.

This is way more powerful than just the core; hence the name, Powerhouse.