Pilates Festival Scotland is back on Sunday the 24th of March 2019!

Following on from three sell out events, Pilates Festival Scotland is back again! Catering to all levels of ability from instructors to first-timers.A celebration of Scottish Pilates, the day revolves around four master classes conducted by leading Scottish instructors. Come along for a mind-awakening and healthy day out!What you get: 4 unique classes, a healthy lunch, goody bag and much more! All held in a stunning venue.

The classes:

More fun with your matwork by introducing the magic circle - Agi Falenta

Learn how to enhance your focus, performance, and experience by adding The Magic Circle to your matwork. In this session we will use The Pilates Ring and learn how to use it to find a deeper connection. The Magic Circle gives a great feedback, assistance but also increases the challenge and the CORE connection. It is a fantastic prop to improve, challenge and keep your matwork interested and fresh.With Pilates inspired flowing movement we will work on mobility, flexibility, stability and strength.

Exploring rotation - Jenny Tyler

Explore with Jenny, the often under utilised but essential movement of rotation. Focusing on the spine, hips and shoulders this session will explore, teach control and begin to strengthen rotation as a movement an essential part of the Pilates repertoire and life! From gentle release to more dynamic moves, pilates has it all. This session is for all levels and will take you though a progressive routine to enhance your 3 dimensional life.

The innocent looking ball - Iona Cowderoy

Join Iona as she takes you through familiar and some unfamiliar mat moves with a ball, to add another dimension. See how using a small prop like this can both support you, and then call on your stability reactions and core muscles! Often in a very deep focused way. The ball is always a favourite in class, and also a fantastic home exercise prop. Ionas classical and fun approach will leave you with some lovely insights into how to further move and challenge yourself in your pilates practice.

Do less, move more - Maureen Evans

Most of us have at least some Pilates moves that we just put in too much effort to do. In this Pilates Festival Scotland session, you'll learn some techniques on how to listen even more effectively to your body, so that you can build up your Pilates practice with greater ease to get fitter and stronger.
We'll start by going right back to some of the basic Pilates moves and then build things up so that you can feel how they will help you across your Pilates practice. This fun and interesting class will pique your curiousity and give you some new ideas to go from strength to strength with your Pilates.

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