Lisa Hubbard - interview

Welcome to our new series. The Space dedicated to the most distinguished Pilates Teachers in the industry. In this section we will introduce to you Fascinating “Pilates People”. I am very honoured to interview our first guest Lisa Hubbard.

by Agi @equitness

Lisa Hubbard is the Creator and Founder of Rhythm Pilates® and is an Associate Faculty Member for world renowned BASI Pilates®. She is an internationally recognized Pilates figure in the industry and has been featured in many award-winning Pilates projects, including DVDs, textbooks and is a second-time cover model for Pilates Style Magazine®. She has dedicated over twenty years to training in the method and has been teaching for over eighteen years. In addition to her dance background, she holds certifications in GYROTONIC®, Yoga and owns a successful private Pilates studio in Southern California. Lisa has been featured presenter at the prestigious Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals in China and Hong Kong at the Asian Fitness Education Expo.
Lisa continues to share her passion for movement at Pilates Anytime, showcasing her Rhythm Pilates total body workouts. Her online classes are one of the sites’ most popular, having been in the top five.

Equitness:   What is your Pilates super power?
Lisa:   To help ignite people to practice Pilates by sharing my passion for this beautiful movement modality that everyone should at least know about and hopefully benefit from. I am the Ultimate Pilates Ambassador!

E: Do you have a favourite piece of equipment or apparatus?
L: I love the barrels for opening the body, the Reformer for Straps, Cadillac for Footwork and the Wunda Chair for Full Body Integration work. Every piece offers something unique to one's abilities.

E: Which Pilates exercise/routine do you like best?
L:  I don't have a particular routine I like best, however I prefer a session that moves logically from one exercise to the next and with a steady flow and BASI Pilates and a Traditional/Original flow comes to mind.

E:  Do you have your most-liked place to practice Pilates?
L: I love practicing with my colleagues at conferences and workshops, but mostly anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

E: What is your secret of your perfect figure?
L: No secrets. Mostly genetic and not a perfect figure, but thank you. I must have balance in everything that I do, eat, recreate, etc. I am a Libra, so I suppose that there is truth to that whole balance thing!

E: How much time in a week do you devote to self-practice?
L:  I try to do a little something everyday and everyday is different. It may be a morning walk, Pilates, yoga, functional fitness training and or a rest day. I listen more to my body than I ever have before and somedays it needs to recharge.

E: Of course, Pilates is your first choice but what would be your second?

E: What kind of music you like to listen to when you train?
L:  I tend not to listen to any music during my sessions, unless I am practicing my Rhythm Pilates workout routines.

E: Who is your life inspiration?
L: My life's inspiration was always meant to be my son.

E: Do you have any specific beauty routines?
L: I have scheduled monthly facials, began drinking Enagic/KANGAN alkaline water and have been using Kayo Body Care by Christine Bullock and move.

E: Best beauty products?
L: Kayo Body Care

E: Latest fit fashion - what is your chosen fitness wear you can’t live without?
L: Carbon38 Takara Leggings, I have them in almost every color! LISAPILATES 25% savings 1st order over $100

E: What is your favourite Californian food/meal?
L: Something hearty, because you know the Americans! Spaghetti and Meatballs or a really great Burger with all the fixings!

E: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
L: I love fine wine, imported chocolate/cheeses and sleeping in.

E:  What will be your perfect night in?
L: A perfect night is always next to my husband, near a fire and watching a great movie.

E:  How do you relax?
L: The best way go me to relax is to stretch, watch The Golf Channel and Read.

E: What is your secret to happiness?
L: The freedom to allow myself to be myself with others.

E: Piece of advice?
L: Support others, build a community, don't be quick to judge, practice what you preach and never give up.