Get Back to a Healthy Back. The Top 10 “Recipes” that will get you there

Bonus: 3 Scoliosis specific exercises

“Persistent pain is, impart, your body telling you it can no longer compensate for faulty patterns. It is not willing to strategize for you like that anymore.” – Cara Reeser

by Kelly Gulbrandsen

After being in the fitness industry for over 15 years, I came to a point where I craved more.  I craved more understanding.  I craved more knowledge.  I craved more awareness and answers to the way things work.  I have been a NASM-PES personal trainer for 15 years and a certified Pilates trainer for 9 years. I studied Health and Exercise Sciences at Colorado State University. So I guess you could say I have desired health and wellness almost my entire life!  Last year the opportunity to take part in Kathy Grants Heritage Training program was presented to me.  I knew it was the answer to what I had been craving, but I did not expect to get all that came from it!  This certification process is long, intense, beyond overwhelming, but one of the greatest accomplishments I have ever had in my life.  Through studying the incredible and inspiring knowledge of Kathy Grant, I learned much more than movement and exercises.  I learned the power of the brain.  The power of emotions and the effects this can have on our bodies.

This concept truly hit home for me.  I was born with scoliosis but had been fortunate enough to not have it cause me too much pain for most years.  It wasn't until 4 years ago when I dealt with one of the hardest times in my life that my back finally had enough.  The emotional strain had finally caused my body to shut down.  It was during my Heritage Training Program that this came to me.  I cried a lot.  I broke down wanting to give up because it was too much.  But there was something in me that forced me to keep going.  Our finally graduation project was to create something that we were inspired by during the training Program.  For me it was putting my emotional trauma together with my physical trauma.  This is where my book came to life.  I created a book of the top 10 exercises, plus 3 scoliosis specific exercises that have become my "go-to" when my back has had enough.  This Kathy Grant work not only taught me the physical movements that can help any and every BODY, but also the importance of taking the time to find out what is emotionally troubling you in the moments where the body may hurt.  This book discusses repetitions, set up, and the importance of breath.  It also includes two pages that help describe the idea of pelvic clock work and how to break down the spine in order to visualize where you must focus.

Life is truly about balance.  But we must balance ALL aspects of life for it to come together.  Learn to move with the freedom we were always meant to have.  You can find my book "Get Back to a Healthy Back" available for download on kindle.