Eating more without gaining weight?  And what’s good nutrition?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to manage to eat more without gaining weight?  Or how some people go cycling in shorts in the middle of winter? Yes, that’s possible (and frustrating too)!

by Paola Simboli (@paola_mindbodysoul)

A lot of people eat a lot less, lose weight then gain it all back and the opposite can happen for those trying to gain weight.In other words, over the long term, our body often tries to stay or get back to its preferred weight.The answer might lie in NEAT= Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. NEAT is all the daily-life movement that’s not deliberate exercise, like housework, moving around workplaces, wiggling or tapping our feet, etc.Those people, instead of getting fatter when they eat more, just get warmer and move around more so their bodies expend that extra energy in heat and movement.

There are no tricks and no tips universally working, but some precise features define good nutrition:

1. Good nutrition reduces limiting factors. Genes are not destiny; nutrition, stress, environment can affect genetic expression. Our daily choices make the difference, no excuses!

2. Good nutrition is outcome based. Outcomes can be measured and are a great mirror of reality. So if you think you eat healthy, make sure your health, body and performances are the ones you expect!

3. Good nutrition helps control energy balance. Without enough energy, we just don’t work right: our body starts to shut down functions we don’t need to survive (reproduction and brain function for instance). With too much energy we can also cause problems (like high blood pressure and inflammations).

4. Good nutrition gives us nutrients. We need nutrients to live and thrive. We need them to live long and active, perform at best and be as healthy as possible.

5. Good nutrition helps us look, feel and perform our best.

6. Good nutrition helps us to do what’s more important to us (without other things getting out of balance), so to be better overall.

7. Good nutrition is sustainable for us and our planet. Do you know that we waste between 30 and 50% of all food we produce? Global food production has increased, as well as hunger and malnutrition are still huge problems worldwide. Population is growing, our planet is not. Our food choices need to be more sustainable and we need to consider our environment more than we do. What helps the planet usually helps us too.We don’t eat too much or too little; we can stay healthy, fit and strong; we feel good and our body shows it. Food is more than fuel and good nutrition is more than “following the rules” or being strict.