10 a day challenge

It is clear that eating fruit and vegetables improves health and well-being. This is why most of the countries created their “eat veggies” campaigns.

Agi Falenta (@equitness)

We know that recently all campaigns recommended to eat 5 a day. Well, today’s studies shown that this is not enough and now most recommendations are 10 a day. But do we really know what’s count as a 1 a day? If I eat 2 apples, will it count as 1 or 2 pieces of fruits?
Is it 5 or 10 a day actually enough? Do we should eat more? 15 or maybe 20 a day? Let’s break this down.

1 a day is appx 80g of fruit and vegetables per day (sorry to disappoint some of you but potatoes are excluded. And to my deep, personal regret also grapes converted into wine won’t be counted). So, using sophisticated math equation we can figure out that to live happy, healthy life, we need to eat minimum 800g veggies and fruits a day with a ratio 7 veggies to 3 fruits. Why 7 to 3? Most of the fruits contain a lot of sugar.

Of course, if you want, you can munch-crunch 12 carrots at once or even 5 onions (good luck with that) but fortunately there are few easy ways to sneak in veggies and fruits to our diet without robbing bunnies from their dinner. Do you know that even 1 tablespoon of tomato puree on your spaghetti does count as 1 a day? Same like a glass of fruit juice. And no, nothing changed! Vino, gin, vodka, tequila and beer, although made from veggies and fruits, still doesn’t count.

Please be very careful and limit your daily intake of juice and smoothies to 150ml a day due to their sugar content. Also, you need to be careful with dried fruits as most of them contain enormous amount of sugar.

I fully agree to the latest studies and I also believe that “5 a day” is not enough to keep us healthy and fit. Moreover, as a movement addicted freak, I also believe that the only way to live happily ever after is to combine a minimum of 10 pieces of veg and fruits a day with a minimum of 10 minutes of exercises a day. Do you want to find out how? Join my 7-days challenge and feel the difference.

With this 7-days challenge I will to show you that it is fairly easy to eat healthier and sneak in more veg and fruits to our diet.

I will also show you 10 min workouts which you can do any time and everywhere.

Are you in?
What you need do first? Click here to download and print a very handy list of “What does a 1 portion of fruit and veg looks like”. Then check out my daily menus and recipes (on Instagram - #10adayachievement, FB and FB group “Equitness Pilates all over the world” - if you need some inspirations. Become the member of our family on and get an unlimited access to 7 new 10 min workouts (10 a day workout). It is free to join and access those 7 videos but if you want to exercise with me more, just donate something monthly to help us with our running costs and get access to more than 130 training videos.

And at last but not least - share with me what was on your plate and which workout you did enjoyed or survived today!!!