The story behind Equitness

Equitness has been created by Agi Falenta -- pilates and fitness instructor, equestrian, a mum of two, horse and border collie lover and a fitness ambassador from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Equitness Community was born from a desire to build a very special space, where anybody keen on improving their flexibility, strength and fitness -- whether a Pilates passionate, or a complete beginner -- could find guidance, and become a member of the Equitness community. A community created to support, teach, learn and share experiences.

We have asked Agi to say more about herself...

About me

This section is supposed to be about me… but do you really come here to read about my school achievements, personal falls and successes, kids, nappies, holidays and all the stuff that even my lovely family is trying to (however politely) avoid? Boooring.

This section should be about YOU because you are the most important person here and I am here only to help you. But to understand your needs I would need to ask you a few questions. No worries, no questionnaires or paperwork are  involved and I’ll help you with the answers.

Why Equitness

I have practiced Pilates for years but being a bit hyper I have always felt that it is well below my tempo. On the other hand, I didn’t fancy doing high speed exercises that make your shirt soaked in sweat, especially when you want to do a 10 minutes routine on your office lunch break. Having more than 25 years horse riding and show jumping experience I know the importance of strong core and abdominal muscles not only in riding but in everyday life.

So I took what’s best from Pilates, riding and fitness and created Equitness -- Agi’s way to do Pilates with a powerful twist.

There is no need to spend thousands on sophisticated gym equipment that looks more like medieval torture machines, when you can use very simple props to target specific muscles groups. Thera-bands, circles, loop bands for adding some resistance, or balls, overballs and rollers to help with mobility issues, joints problems and to challenge balance, stability and strength.

Why online?

Are you one of those fast living souls, always rushing about? Sleep, work, family, repeat! No time for yourself, just that one thought somewhere in the back of your mind – I need to do something with my life, I need to start training, I need to do something on a regular basis, or whenever I can.

Or you are too shy to go to your local class and when you eventually go, you are always in the back row so nobody in the class can see you struggling?

And maybe you are a fitness freak, everything is too easy for you. You can’t find a real challenge and are looking for something new?

I will show you that you can do our exercises everywhere and anytime. On a mat watching your favourite tv program, on a break in an office, or in a hotel room. Even simply engaging your abs muscles while standing in a queue is also a very effective exercise.

Have you come here because you’ve heard that Pilates will help you to get body of a goddess? Or maybe you are struggling to get up from your bed in the morning? Maybe every move means pain and there is no chance you will lay down on the mat, not to mention getting up again without help. I have plenty of gentle routines for you to start with, all you need is a chair and some motivation.

Will I burn fat and lose weight?Will I look better and feel better?

If you are reading this, you are already on the right path - you want to DO something for yourself. Pilates is well known for smoothing and lengthening muscles but adding a bit of a power twist will raise your heart rate and speed up metabolism.

You see people balancing on a ball while talking on a phone with one hand tossing eggs in a pan and the other hand juggling chainsaws and you can barely stand on one leg trying to put your sock on… don’t worry, I’ll show you how to work on a deep posture muscles and visibly improve your balance.

The truth is, in real life only magazines’ cover pages are perfect, we are not. Maybe we have wrinkles but only because we laugh so much, we have stretch marks but that’s because we have wonderful kids, we have too much body here and there but maybe because we love to chill out in the evening with a tub of ice cream. There is nothing wrong with that, we only live once. But let’s walk through this life with a straight back and the head up.

I want to show you that all Pilates principles can be applied to your everyday routine. To everyday, basic activities -- when you walk, sit or work. You will learn how to keep your deep posture muscles engaged, how to strengthen them and in effect, how to improve your look, walk and most importantly your confidence.

Whatever your goal is, I’ll show you an easy way to do our exercises and then you will progress to more advanced and challenging options. And believe me, some of the advanced routines are insanely hard even if they look smooth and easy.

If you want to start on your new journey, this is your place and this is your time. Try it first and then join the Equitness community for unlimited access to 100+ instructional videos, monthly challenges, healthy living tips, choice of carefully selected props, fitness fashion and many more. Just #BeEquitness

Ps. I would love to see your progress, or hear any comments you have about the project, the community please, or questions about our exercises. How can we improve without listening to real feedback? For both of us :)

I hope to see you around

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